Norwalk Motor Car

Bringing The Last Norwalk Home!

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The Friends of the Norwalk Foundation, Inc.

The Friends of the Norwalk Foundation, Inc. is a licensed West Virginia non profit ( 501(c)-3 buisiness, who's charter became effective in September 2008. The foundation was formed and chartered for the purpose of acquiring, purchasing and preserving a 1914 Norwalk Underslung Six motor car which was built in Martinsburg, West Virginia by the Norwalk Motor Car Company ( 1911-1922 )  and is thought to be the only known surviving motor vehicle produced by that company. The foundation is comprised by thirteen board members and a group of volunteers, which have monthly board meetings. Officers are elected annually and serve on a completely volunteer baisis. No salaries are provided to any member, and all funding goes directly, or indirectly to the preservation, transportation, maintenance and debts of the motor car. At such time that the motor car's large debt is paid, a move will be made to establish a permanent museum in Berkeley County, WV to house the car and other area artifacts related to transportation and automobiles. The initail debt on the car started at $300,000.00 - the purchase price, and is being paid back on a monthly basis through fundraising efforts and donations by the public.

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